Shocking! 15 Incredible Actors Who Have Never Won An Oscar

LOS ANGELES - FEB 10:  Leonardo DiCaprio at the The Hollywood RePhoto credit: Bigstock

The title of Oscar-Winning Actress or Actor is one of the highest honors a movie star can get, so it’s only natural to assume that some of Hollywood’s biggest names must have mantels full of golden statues, but sadly, that’s not always true. Here are 15 super stars you’ll be shocked to learn have never won an Academy Award.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo was up for Academy Awards for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (and lost rather shockingly to Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive), The Aviator, and Blood Diamond, and came up 0 for 3. Many thought DiCaprio’s portrayal of debauched New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street would finally bring the actor his first Oscar win, but he was once again denied, this time in favor of Matthew McConaughey in The Dallas Buyers Club.

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