The Sopranos

The 15 Best Television Series to watch on Netflix

Looking for a few shows to fill your Netflix queue with? Scripted television, and the odd documentary series here and there, has truly redefined the medium and proven the theory that we are headed into the Golden Age of television.
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15 Truths I Learned From Showtime’s “Masters of Sex”

Based on Thoma Meri's biography: Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, Showtime's new hit show by the same name follows the ground breaking research of sex pioneers William Masters and Virginia Johnson as they attempt to explain sex.
America’s Next Top Model

15 TV Shows Men Hate (But Women Love)

Men and women have differing tastes when it comes to TV shows, leading to some nightly arguments over who gets the remote control. Shows men love, women hate and shows women love, men hate.
The Walking Dead

15 TV Shows That Are Better Than Movies

The introduction of original programming on channels like FX and AMC changed TV in a major way, without having to adhere to all of the limitations of rules that shows on the big four major networks
Knight Rider

15 TV Shows We Wish Hollywood Would Bring Back

When TV stations pull the plug on shows, people may pout for a while, but they eventually move on. Some television shows, however, emerge as diamonds in the rough and end up being timeless.
Teenage Girl Lying On Her Bed With A Pregnancy Test

16 and Pregnant Effecting Teen Pregnancy Rates

Sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and too much vomit are all central themes on MTV's hit reality show 16 and Pregnant. The show which is airing its fifth season soon follows the lives of teens who are about to become moms.