15 Movie Technologies We Wish Were Real

5976451281_14ef8baeaf_bPhoto credit: CC license  by pop culture geek

Movies, they promise so much but rarely deliver. The 2015 depicted in Back to the Future II looks almost nothing like the 2015 that’s rapidly approaching for real, for example. Some of the technology featured in movies would make real life a heck of a lot easier but, it doesn’t seem as though anyone’s working on any of it. How many of these devices would you like to see in everyday life?

1. Neuralizer

Everyone says something they regret from time to time, which is why a neuralizer, seen in Men In Black, would come in handy. The next time you get in a fight with your friend, just zap him or her and the fight will be forgotten. Accidentally let slip that aliens are real? Just zap everyone in the room and you’ll be in the clear.

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