15 Movie Sequels We Wish Hollywood Would Make

LOS ANGELES - MAY 6:  Tim Allen arrives at the 2013 Midnight MisPhoto credit: Bigstock

Sometimes Hollywood manages to get it right with sequels and releases blockbusters like The Godfather Part 2 and Toy Story 2. However, just as many critically adored films and giant blockbusters never see a second chapter. Bloated budgets, prima donna actors, and untimely deaths often doom sequels we’d pay any price to see. Hollywood also makes a boatload of sequels nobody wants to watch (did we need Speed 2: Cruise Control?). Here’s a list of movies that sadly, never saw a sequel make it to the silver screen.

1. Galaxy Quest 2: The Quest for More Puns

Director Dean Parisot’s masterful casting of Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman helped turn 1999’s Galaxy Quest into an affable and honorable spoof of Star Trek. A sequel featuring the same jovial cast would delight fans, but a recent comment from Rickman cast doubt on the group ever returning for a sequel. When questioned, the film’s producer said that a sequel wasn’t impossible, but didn’t offer any solid evidence that one was in the works.

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