Hot Or Not? 15 Striking Celebs That Straddle The Ugly Line

BERLIN - FEB 9: Uma Thurman at the 'Nymphomaniac Volume I' photPhoto credit: Bigstock

Some actors, such as Brad Pitt, are almost universally considered good looking. While others — think bug-eyed Steve Buscemi — have probably never been called good looking, even by their own mothers. Then there are those actors and actresses who fall somewhere in between. You know the ones. Labeled as quirky looking, unconventionally handsome or striking, these are the actors and actresses that you can’t quite decide are hot or not.

1. Uma Thurman

Thurman often plays the femme fatale in movies, but her strong features aren’t for everyone. While she does possess incredible bone structure, her nose is a tad large for her face and her hooded eyes are somewhat wide set. In fact, some naysayers have described her as having the appearance of an alien being.

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