15 Films You Should Never Watch On A First Date

Robert De Niro at the Handprint Ceremony at TCL Chinese TheatrePhoto credit: Bigstock

A movie on the first date gives you a chance to cuddle, and it’s also an opportunity to impress your new flame with your great taste in films. However, picking the wrong movie could end a relationship before it even starts. A film that’s too grisly, too obscure, or too cheesy could send your date running in the opposite direction. If you want a second chance, steer clear of these fifteen flicks on your next first date:

1. Cape Fear

Unless you are trying to tell your date something, you might want to save this tale of a serial rapist until you get to know each other a little better. Although the drama includes plenty of scenes that would make your date curl up into your shoulder to hide her eyes, she might never be able to get past her first date jitters.

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