15 Movie Technologies We Wish Were Real

Movies, they promise so much but rarely deliver. The 2015 depicted in Back to the Future II looks almost nothing like the 2015 that's rapidly approaching for real, for example.

15 Superhero Deaths Fans Would Love to See

Comic books are full of grisly death scenes, and sometimes, the title character even dies more than once. Backed with special effects, many of these scenes could make Hollywood history.

Shocking! 15 Incredible Actors Who Have Never Won An Oscar

The title of Oscar-Winning Actress or Actor is one of the highest honors a movie star can get, so it's only natural to assume that some of Hollywood's biggest names must have mantels full of golden statues, but sadly, that's not always true
Walking Dead Truck

15 Reasons Zombie Shows Are So Popular

There once was a time in television history when zombies, ghost, and ghouls were reserved for either campy family comedies or B-rated horror flicks that only aired after the lights went down. Now days however, zombies are everywhere.
Family Guy

15 Popular TV Shows Men Love and Women Hate

Lounging on the couch watching TV is a relaxing way to unwind after a long day at work. At least it would be if you didn’t have to fight with your spouse for control of the TV remote.