15 Box Office Flops That Are Actually Good Movies

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When a film is released, its producers wait anxiously to see how it will fare at the box office. However, a poor showing doesn’t necessarily mean that a film is doomed. As you can see by the list below, plenty of box office flops went on to become commercial successes, cult classics, or Academy Award winners.

1. Cloud Atlas

It lost money at the box office, but this Tom Hank’s film has been called one of the most ambitious films ever made. The story line is great and the performances by Hanks and Halle Berry are not to be missed.

15 Classic TV Shows That Transport Us Back To Our Childhood

THE BRADY BUNCH[imagecollect]

Regardless of which decade you grew up in, certain classic TV shows instantly transport you back to childhood as soon as the first notes of the theme song are heard or the first glimpse of the show’s title is seen. These classic television programs range from comedies to hour-long family dramas with characters that have become as familiar as our own family.

1. The Brady Bunch (1969 – 1974, ABC)

We all knew the story of the lovely lady who married the man named Brady. We sang along with the Brady kids, laughed when Greg’s hair turned orange (thanks to little brother Bobby), cringed when Marsha’s nose was hit with the ball and everyone wanted a housekeeper just like Alice to serve them snacks after school.

15 Ways To Prevent “The Crazy Ones” From Being Cancelled

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Considering the star power behind “The Crazy Ones” you wouldn’t think that it would be in danger of cancellation, but poor ratings have put the comedy in peril. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are great actors, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough to keep this comedy afloat. Here are a few tips that might just be able to save the show from the chopping block.

1. Reunions Please

If you really want to generate buzz around the show, bring on the reunions. Our top suggestion, Pam Dawber from “Mork and Mindy” and David Boreanaz for Sarah Michelle Gellar

15 Films You Should Never Watch On A First Date

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A movie on the first date gives you a chance to cuddle, and it’s also an opportunity to impress your new flame with your great taste in films. However, picking the wrong movie could end a relationship before it even starts. A film that’s too grisly, too obscure, or too cheesy could send your date running in the opposite direction. If you want a second chance, steer clear of these fifteen flicks on your next first date:

1. Cape Fear

Unless you are trying to tell your date something, you might want to save this tale of a serial rapist until you get to know each other a little better. Although the drama includes plenty of scenes that would make your date curl up into your shoulder to hide her eyes, she might never be able to get past her first date jitters.

15 Movie Technologies We Wish Were Real

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Movies, they promise so much but rarely deliver. The 2015 depicted in Back to the Future II looks almost nothing like the 2015 that’s rapidly approaching for real, for example. Some of the technology featured in movies would make real life a heck of a lot easier but, it doesn’t seem as though anyone’s working on any of it. How many of these devices would you like to see in everyday life?

1. Neuralizer

Everyone says something they regret from time to time, which is why a neuralizer, seen in Men In Black, would come in handy. The next time you get in a fight with your friend, just zap him or her and the fight will be forgotten. Accidentally let slip that aliens are real? Just zap everyone in the room and you’ll be in the clear.

15 Superhero Deaths Fans Would Love to See

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Comic books are full of grisly death scenes, and sometimes, the title character even dies more than once. Backed with special effects, many of these scenes could make Hollywood history. However, they still haven’t been shot. Here is a look at fifteen superhero deaths that fans are dying to see.

1. Superman

Tim Burton tried to film the death of Superman, but his Superman Lives project was aborted midway. The Man of Steel was killed in 1992 in a doomsday story that has become an iconic part of comic book lore, and fans are just waiting for another director to tackle the job.

The 15 Absolute Worst SNL Cast Members Of All Time


Since its debut on October 11, 1975, Saturday Night Live has delivered the kind of side-splitting sketch comedy that audiences love – and sometimes love to hate. Even when the writing is stellar and the sketches are timely and hilarious, the entire show can be ruined by a cast member who is in over their head or simply out of their element. From constant breaking to performances that leave you scratching your head more than you’re busting a gut, here are 15 of SNL’s worst cast members ever.

1. Janeane Garofalo

Sarcasm is funny for a sketch or two. Sarcasm as a way of life will derail a show, put off your audience, and make you seem really, really nasty and unlikable. We’re talking to you, Janeane Garofalo.

15 Movie Sequels We Wish Hollywood Would Make

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Sometimes Hollywood manages to get it right with sequels and releases blockbusters like The Godfather Part 2 and Toy Story 2. However, just as many critically adored films and giant blockbusters never see a second chapter. Bloated budgets, prima donna actors, and untimely deaths often doom sequels we’d pay any price to see. Hollywood also makes a boatload of sequels nobody wants to watch (did we need Speed 2: Cruise Control?). Here’s a list of movies that sadly, never saw a sequel make it to the silver screen.

1. Galaxy Quest 2: The Quest for More Puns

Director Dean Parisot’s masterful casting of Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman helped turn 1999’s Galaxy Quest into an affable and honorable spoof of Star Trek. A sequel featuring the same jovial cast would delight fans, but a recent comment from Rickman cast doubt on the group ever returning for a sequel. When questioned, the film’s producer said that a sequel wasn’t impossible, but didn’t offer any solid evidence that one was in the works.

Shocking! 15 Incredible Actors Who Have Never Won An Oscar

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The title of Oscar-Winning Actress or Actor is one of the highest honors a movie star can get, so it’s only natural to assume that some of Hollywood’s biggest names must have mantels full of golden statues, but sadly, that’s not always true. Here are 15 super stars you’ll be shocked to learn have never won an Academy Award.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo was up for Academy Awards for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (and lost rather shockingly to Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive), The Aviator, and Blood Diamond, and came up 0 for 3. Many thought DiCaprio’s portrayal of debauched New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street would finally bring the actor his first Oscar win, but he was once again denied, this time in favor of Matthew McConaughey in The Dallas Buyers Club.